Since a while the european countries are floaded by refugees from countries like Syria, Libya, Jemen, Somalia and some more.

It is quite understandable that people flee from war and suppression, and I think refugees from wars should be welcome.
However there are some points that "do not compute".

It seems that a lot of refugees have so much money, they can afford to drive taxis over long distances.
All of them want to go to germany, no one wants to stay in countries like turkey, hungary, the slovak republic among others.

Seeing the vast amount of mainly young men, I cannot stop wondering, a lot of those are seeking better conditions for living and are clearly not threatened by war of any kind.

The biggest fool in this respect is mrs Merkel from Germany, she plainly invited all refugees to come to Germany without realising that Germany is absolutely not capable of taking up this many refugees.
As a result a backward jam of refugees is building in all surrounding countries, disappointed that they cannot travel to "Merkel".
Causing loads of trouble with aggression towards police, civil servants and civilians. Demolitions, heavy agression and rape have been reported in several countries. In germany the press has been told not to report the news on agressive refugees (by mrs. Merkel).
No germany is not a democratic country any more, media are under heavy pressue by the governement, a government that I consider an east-polit-mafia. Too many were connected with the stasi in ddr-times, including mr. Gauck according to the information that I found in internet.

THE CAUSES of the syria-war, the problems in Lybia and the problems in other countries from where these refugees come, can be found in the "austerity-politics" by the USA and Germany/France/England (EU !?!).
They want to push their "values of (so called) democracy" into other countries.
Leaving Africans with little to no income because of treaties made with african dictators that were bought/bribed/whatever.

Nato has mutated from a peace-defending-organisation into an agressor, influencing in foreign countries, heavily supporting oppositions (through NGO's), pushing their "values" and destabalising countries that were stable before.
So to blame are the european politicians that were bought/bribed/whatever by corporate-america/coporate-germany/coporate-whoever (EU ?!?).

Merkel and corporate germany needs cheap laborers, for the german population is aging, is this the way?

It is absolutely inacceptable that people like these politicians rule Europe.

Every decent citizen should oppose to such politicians, let alone vote for them.

Germany caused 2 worldwars in the past 100 years, it seems that again this country will harm europe severely but no one seems to want to see this, except a few cabaretists that were sewed by corrupted "journalists" trying to stop the information on how corrupted they are, to become public (die Anstalt - April 2015).

These brainless bastards, that call themselves politicians, have caused a problem for the inhabitants of the EU and for these refugees, then they will not become what some of them expect, that is wealth and prosperity.
Like about 1.5 Million Germans they will be poor (again) and abused as cheap laborers.
What this will do to the societies in the EU, is cause massive troubles. Not for Merkel and her gang, but for the average normal citizens, that are going to pay dearly.

It is a sad sad world we live in.

Yours truly, "average Jan", EU-citizen.