The Merkelish


"Who has recognised a problem and does not do anything about it, is a part of the problem." - Indian saying.

All policians in the EU have recognised the problem with Greece, everybody knows that banks have been saved with huge amounts of money and that the capital of the rich was secured outside. Still no one trusts himself to disagree with Merkel and her footmen.

Could this be the cause?

Merkel and her party are in strong believe that they "poses a higher Level of moral judgement" they call this "Wertegemeinschaft" (Community of values).

What "values" are actually ment, when one states "we defend the democracy" and then sells Weapons to countries that punishes blogger with 1000 whiplashes like Saudi Arabia, because that is what Germany does, guided by and with personal approval off Mrs. Merkel.
Or Mrs. Merkel telling a young girl, the 14-years old palastian Reem, speaking in perfect german, and being fully integrated, wanting to study in germany, that she will be trown out of germany, because germany cannot just take everbody. Something like that can only be expected from a heartless monster which is exactly what I think of mrs. Merkel.
Not even Maggie Thatcher in her time pushed it that far!
Is that "christian", are those "moral values" in a civilised Society?

I do not want such ones like Merkel at the top of the EU, it reminds me too much of Erich Honnecker and his companions.

Who wonders that Russia has put foreign NGO's (Non Governemental Organisation / Nicht Gewinnorientierte Organisation) under heavy control?
For me NGO means "Nur Gewinnorientierte Organisation" (just for profit organisation) and those are mostly state financed, to take political influence in their respective countries and abroad. There are exceptions, that also suffer under this kind of governmental intervention.
The USA uses these NGO's in combination with manipulated entries in "social media" like Facebook, to start a political coup (Ukraine/Libia/arabian spring) and Germany and the USA are such very close allies.
Why the german people do not oppose is because a generation has grown up that has chosen "round the clock entertainment" as their motto for life, heavily supported by the official media, that are not independant since long and are fully governed by political parties and/or industries, something like "corporate germany" following the american model.

Maybe next time with elections in Germany, one should order OSCE observers to check if there really exists a majority for Merkel and Co?

For more then one million germans, living below the line of poverty, it says "verKohlt, geSchrödert, ausgeMerkelt" (meaning burned, shreddered, extenuated).

After "der Wende" every one was full of hope, but had overseen, that the structures of the SED/Stasi did not emerse into thin air.
Powerhungry scavenger do not let themselves get down by something like "der Wende", they just change into members of Merkel's "Community of values", become capitalists and good christians . . . .
Germany has become, under Merkel, an antisocial state, and the Socialist Party a joke.
Yes, I am upset, these people make me puke, that is my opinion and I ask myself every day how long I am allowed to have it without consequences.

On 13.07.2015 Ernst Wolff wrote about Greece: "it will be characterised by the bare struggle to survive by desperate, humiliated and affronted people against the openly demonstrated icecold arrogance of political charlatans that show their fantasized feelings of omnipotence that have led to a complete loss of their sense for reality" (original on the german page)

Well, who the hell accepts a former Stasimember/cooperator as a chancelor and as a president?
Fantasized feelings of omnipotence and the loss of sense for reality seem to belong to the cultural inheritance of these politicians, just like this belongs to a majority of germans.

Ihr, "durchschnitts Jan", EU-Bürger.