What history teaches.

Some quotes:

"Die Großen hören auf, zu herrschen, wenn die Kleinen aufhören, zu kriechen."
Friedrich von Schiller (1759 – 1805)
In english: The Great cease to dominate when the little ones stop crawling.

People have always had a tendency to follow so called leaders. It is our nature, we want some one to take decisions for us, not to take reponsability ourselves.
In democratic countries we used to elect people to do so, the politicians. In former days those were people that had a history of leadership. Times changed however and a new kind of politicians has evolved, the so-called bread-politicians, for they earn much more then the average people nowadays and most have never even had a job outside politics. High wages paired with power is not a good condition for human beings, they tend to corrupt.
Looking at the EU where estimated 40 lobbyists are there for every single member of the EU-parliament (june 2015) one can imagine that corruption has become more than an imaginery problem, for only large corporations can pay these kind of lobbyists.

There fore I demand a very much higher level of democratic control, we do not need american conditions in the EU. In the USA the country is ruled by "corporate america" with an appalling low level of democratic control. The consequences are very well put into words on the following quote, remember Aaron Schartz from page 1.

" With the first link, the chain is forged. If the first speech is censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, then we are all irrevocably shackled. --Erik Satie

How shackled can be seen by the way "corporate america" reacted on Edward Snowden, they wanted to kill him.
The big corporations in the USA and in the EU want to push TIPP through our throats by doing the negotiations in secrecy which is highly anti-democratic.
The tragic/comic reaction on mr. Snowdens asylum in Russia is calling Russia non-democratic, let me be clear there is hardly any difference any more, in the usa there is only freedom of speech as long as you do not interfere with corporate america.

Dear americans, ask your NSA hwo "free" you really are . . . .

I do not want these kind of conditions in the EU.

It is more then disappointing to see that Germany under the leadership of corporate america is trying to change europe to this very same and dispickable model.
Like with Werner von Braun, the usa now has Mrs Merkel doing the job for them, the rest of Europe should take much more care because it could be a third time the germans succeed to destroy europe.

That is how we land with the last quote on this page

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

We, the people must change things, we cannot accept to be squeezed out like a lemon because of some corrupt bastards that have the nerve to call themselves politicians representing the people. Much like "all animals are equal but some are more equal then others", that is the way certain politicians think.
The very hight of disgust is, that these people call themselves christians, if there was a god, lightning should strike them, all of them.

You might ask, is this a socialist of even a communist speaking? Well I do not care for names, I demand social behaviour that does not endanger the flock. What I see happening is endangering the flock, probably even he species.

Yours truly, "average Jan", EU-citizen.