What makes politicians different from other people?

Some quotes:

Politicians are like diapers. Just like diapers they have to be replaced regulary. And for the very same reason: Cause they are full of shit. - Alien_T

Now this sounds pretty harmless, so let us link it to recent news like the death of Aaron Schwartz a young man that lived in the usa.

When you do the right thing and challenge abusive power, you end up destroying a job prospect, an economic opportunity, a political or social connection, or an opportunity for mediapresence.
Corrupt self-interest, when it goes systemwide, demands that it protect rentiers from people like Aaron Swartz, that it intimidate, co-opt, humiliate, fire, destroy, and/or bankrupt those who stand for justice.

You see, this world is not a nice place, because prosecutor Scott Garland working under U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz drove this young man to commit suicide, at least that is how I see this.

Let us quote mr. Richard Stallman here:

That's true: raising ethical issues such as freedom, talking about responsibilities as well as convenience, is asking people to think about things they might prefer to ignore, such as whether their conduct is ethical.

Richard Stallman

I guess it does not ring a bell for Mr. Garland nor for Mrs. Ortiz, although it should.

This is only the start of my observations on politicians, here are some characteristics I believe belong to the subject "politician":

I know not all politicians are greedy assholes, you can show me the exceptions, if you can find them.

For those that have trouble with my statements, here is another quote:

I'd rather live in a world full of eccentric thinkers than one full of unthinking consumers.
Simon Jansen - asciimation

On other pages I will give some more comment, for now you have an idea of my opinions.
Let me share an example of the way other species live together, look at your dog. The most important issue for a dog is that the flock stands to one another, if one is to bring the flock in danger by being too selfish that individual is corrected, that is called social behaviour.
Bankers and politicians lack this ability, they speculate with food even if it means other people starve to death, and the average politicians approves this. More, the average politician will facilitate trade agreements to take out the poor, look at Africa.
Then these politicians wonder that so many refugees leave Afrika to go to Europe. We can thank the German government and the EU, among others, for these super trade agreements.

You guessed it, I am in no political party. I just demand a whole lot more humanity from politicians then there is a considerable lack of humanity nowadays.

Yours truly, "average Jan", EU-citizen.